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Re: Sustainers and pickups

>Does anyone know if Michael Brook is involved with either of these
>sustainer devices.  He had plans to bring his infinite guitar device
>to the market.  Or is his system still to come?

Brook has always been somewhat evasive on the particulars of the Infinite 
Guitar, saying that he's considered marketing it and didn't want to give 
away the secret.   All I've ever seen him say is that there are some 
electronics in the guitar, and more in a unit on the floor.   He also 
maintains that the IG is slightly different from the other systems 
available.  There are only three in existence--Brook, The Edge and Daniel 
Lanois each have one,  all of which were built by Brook.   Recently I saw 
something where he said that he didn't think that he'd pursue selling it, 
since he realised that he'd have to sell 800 of them to make as much 
money as he does off one session.  I also remember someone attacking him 
about his air of secrecy, claiming that he'd "borrowed" a lot of the idea 
from the Roland GR-500.  

Travis Hartnett