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While we're on the subject...

Since it's been a hot topic lately and there may be some folks out there
looking for either of these I'll post a for sale message:
Casio PG-380 midi guitar (the strat like one with on board synth as well
as being a very nice guitar in its own right) which can also be used as
a midi controller for any sound module...$675.00
Also I just recently bought a Fernandes AFR-70S offset dbl cutaway
rosewood fingerboard with the Sustainer pickup at neck, single coil
middle,humbucker bridge...whammy bar. White. virtually brand new
cause I bought another more expensive model I liked it so much the
is WAY cool IMHO) these list for $799..I paid $450...yours for $400 obo

sorry if posting a FS ad isn't PC but since we are on the subject...
reply to me at roland@ccnet.com  or roland@sj.bigger.net

thanks   Roland Eberle
ps.. I am not a dealer...just happen to have these 2 for sale as I am
trying to
raise money for other junk...like the rest of us I guess