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RE: Classical loop article

Michael Peters wrote:
>Why don't you (and/or the other classically trained loopists) put together
>something about repetition (and the beginning of looping) in classical (or
>other) music, for the website? I think it is a very interesting topic, and
>although I've mentioned classical music in the essay, I couldn't go into
>details (also, I really don't know much about it).

Sounds like a good idea but also a very big project considering there is
about 1000 years of music there.

Is there anyone who would like to work with me on this?

Next topic....

Has anyone on the list done any research on how repetition is used on non
western musical cultures?

I would like to learn more about how repetition is used in Gamelon music,
African drumming, latin american drumming and other cultures?