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Re: Ravel as a looper tangent

In a message dated 08/05/97  3:45:058:23, you write:

>-Do you plan your music in advance or is it always spontaineous?

I try to blend the two extremes, 
I have composition with room for variation or drifting off into improv.
Also I have themes which can be "inserted " into improv.

>-What do you consider to be the your most effective compositional
>technique(s) when creating live looped music that relies on technology to
>produce the loops?
>(how about gear independant comments on this one)
1. Set up a combination of suitable technology.
2. Improv and see what happens.
3. Make a note of things that work.
4. Explore the possibilities of real time changes to the signal processing.
5. Eventually arrive at a "composition" which consists of :-
          i) A configuration of hardware.
         ii) A number of set themes.
        iii) An harmonic structure of sorts.
        iv) Starting points for improv.
         v) Some kind of structure to the above.

Interesting to have to describe this without specific reference to gear.
      Andy Butler.