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Re: whiny looper

At 2:04 AM +0000 5/11/97, Sarajane wrote:
>To the Jamman Upgrade Crew (AKA Bob),
>                                                                   All
>the possible new
>paramaeters to tweak with the new upgrade sound spiff however it still
>sounds like no memory expansion to get past 32 seconds. Is that the
>I should for to be catching here, or what?

I was wondering about that too. All the new features sound cool, but also
sound like they require a significant amount of memory. If you have four
tracks simultaneously on one loop, and they are all recorded at the same
sample rate used now, wouldn't that mean each can only be 8 seconds long in
a fully expanded jamman? And with a second loop (or "page" as you call it),
they would be 4 seconds each, right? Seems like memory expansion would be
pretty critical! Maybe you should start making your own memory expansion
cards with bigger drams.


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