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RE: More RE: JamMan modifications

Ed wrote:
>Another thing that would be nice in Echo mode, which you may have   
>implemented in the new rom, would be to be able to hold or freeze the   
>created in Echo mode and then to solo over the loop without adding your
>solo to the loop. As it is now, if I'm in echo mode and I have the
>regeneration at infinite, I have to reach over and turn the effects send  
>the JamMan on my mixer off to be able to solo over it. It would be nice   
>control this via MIDI.

>Another thing that would be nice to have, is to be able to access the   
>Echo, and Sample modes via MIDI without having to reach over and turn   
>Mode knob on the front panel.

>And lastly (for now anyway ;-) to have the JamMan be able to MIDI sync   
>odd  time signatures at least 5, 7. 9, and 11 ( you could go higher if   
>like) would be really nice. I hope I don't ask for too much , Bob!  ;-)
>Thanks again, Ed

All of these things are already in there. "Delay" has become a function   
just like Layer or Replace. You just toggle the Delay mode off and the   
current contents of the memory starts looping. The number of beats can be  
dialed in from 1-19.

Bob Sellon