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"there are no problems, just things to be done" - leary

- one wrote:

"In frustration, I started to press buttons randomly, just to see if
anything changed. Somehow, something worked and the loop did not
degrade.  I could go off and have a bite and come back several hours
later and it would still be playing perfectly.  Unfortunately, I could
never duplicate the situation."

- so the machines DO function properly.

- suggestion: AFTER reading whatever instructions are available (if any,
and assuming they are in a language familar to you) . . .

- one might try starting where one has a comfortable and INTUITIVE grasp
of what the trolls and gremlins in those boxes are doing  . . . (gremlin
takes message in left hand, places it in the right hand of the troll,
etc.) . . . and THEN "press buttons randomly". 

- and EXPERIENCE the architecture and limitations of the
equipment/software . . . no need to TRY to re-create earlier
success(es), they will "volunteer" as will many other strange and
wonderful things never dreamed of by the inventors.

- then one might share the joy of such revelation with others.