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Re: Hey Bob, wanna trade?

 Jim complained:

>I don't know if  anyone else has this problem, but when my two Echoplexes 
>connected in stereo, there is complete audio degradation in the slave 
>unit in
>five minutes.  Nothing but noise.

Yes, very sorry, a very simple bug: MIDI was not able to transfer the
maximum feedback value.
This might answer Gabriels question, too.

>Five minutes goes by very fast.

Its not a matter of time, actually, but of the number of repetitions
passed. Long loops fade slower.

> Oberheim has not been any help on this.  Now I read that they are 
>units again.  This just seems ridiculous to me if the problems have not 
>worked out.

Definitally ridiculous.

>The manual is also a nightmare of inconsistency and
>misinformation.   Any corrections to this?

Well, I wrote a manual to the LOOP delay, that goes deeper, has a more
functional structure and is all correct. Just the language and presentation
is not that perfect.
It takes some upgrade to fit for the Echoplex. I could do that somewhen.
Even if Oberheim insists on Warrens version, we could put it on the page,
right, Kim?

>Sorry I seem so bitter

I was much more so. Years of horror.

>Kim's a lovely guy, but
>I wish he'd stop concerning himself about Jamman mods and get on with this

Its not him. Its Gibson that finally has to assume a long time ago worked
out contract. And nobody understands what they are waiting for. It was a
big loss of reputation and money for them, too.

>Perhaps there are not many others in the same boat as me, so this
>situation can drag on forever.  I'm sure that most people buy just one 

Not at all, because there were many more bugs than the ones related to
stereo. You may not have noted them, depending on your use.

>If the update ever does come out, and you want to be amazed, slap another
>Echoplex in your rig and check it out.  Quick multitracking the likes of
>which you have never seen.  Stereo Echoplexes (with the mythical update 
>extra memory installed) are to music what Polaroid cameras are to

Thank you!

And MiqSk8 kindly apologized:

> I thought that kim, matthias et al. had moved on to other jobs, no
>longer working for obie. i also kinda inferred from the faq that this 
>was basically in the can.

That is what we had to do to make some money (the last we got after
insisting heavily was about 7000$ in the end of 1995).
There are no engineers at Oberheim or G-WIZ that understand the matter.
The most important bugs I had fixed in January 95, soon after the first
release. I screemed not to get reviews with the old version, but management
prefered to read in Guitar Player about the bugs I already had fixed at the
Then, Oberheim bosses came and went...

I know I should not too open at this stage, but, hell, you need to have an
idea. And if the problem does not get resolved soon, I might ask you
suffering fellows to inject some energy into the case ;-) So far, lets keep

Without respect for clients and creators, money shall not flow for the 
Its a matter of (little) time and (much) awareness to cure us all.

Bob, wanna trade? You must have had your own difficulties...

Be well

By the way: I was not posting for months and often behind in reading. I was
working like crazy, and got out of balance... Soon I will reapear and send
a bunch of old replies that I have to update yet and also some new stuff.
We might talk more about plexing again...
You Loopists been very helpfull to me in terms of return and comfort.