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Loopy in Cambridge, MA -- Fri 30th May -- James Coleman & UNDO

..........Hello -- and please excuse this electronic disturbance of your

Tone-Drone Productions wants you to know about a loopy, and possibly,
intoxicating event -- featuring two of Boston's looping few:
        1) James Coleman -- aka in the Boston as "That Theremin Guy" and 
        2) UNDO -- a kind of unthing.

Details follow...


Film & Music at Carberry's 
74 Prospect St. Central Square, 
Cambridge, MA 
617- 576-3530

Date -- Friday 30st May (rain date Saturday 31st) 
         8:00 pm

Film -- The Day the Earth Stood Still Klaatu barada nikto!  A mysterious
and dignified alien arrives bearing an antinuclear message for the
inhabitants of Earth, and learns that his peaceful views are not shared
by all.  If you've never seen this four-star landmark science fiction
classic with its moody Bernard Herrmann score before, it is an absolute

Music -- Following the movie -- Ambient Soundscapes from two of Boston's

  1) James Coleman -- demonstrating elements of the soundscore on
  2) UNDO -- doing its undoingmost.

Rumour has it James and UNDO will do a duet, or would that be doing an

Bring your awareness however you will.
David Kirkdorffer


......and now back to your regularly scheduled programming