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Re: Ordering JamMan memory

They're listed as static column on their website. In fact, this is the
complete description:

1x4-70ns Static Column Zip
(A3000 Fast RAM)

Not gonna work, huh?

Hogan, Greg wrote:
> Sean O'Donnell asked:"The only question is 70ns fast enough since Greg
> says we need 100ns or faster?"   and " Are these visionsoft chips 20
> pin?"
> Hi Sean,
> I do not know if what visionsoft is offering is 20 pins or not.  I am
> quite sure that they can answer that question.  70ns is faster than 100ns
> and should not be a problem.  The RAMs should be PAGE type and not STATIC
> Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything that
> I can do for you.
> Best regards,
> Greg Hogan
> Lexicon Customer Service
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> FAX 617-280-0499
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