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special balls and no backsides...

In a message dated 97-05-31 19:31:53 EDT, you write:

<< I haven't had to buy strings yet,
 but I just figured I could mailorder them. >>
 La Bella makes special double ball ended strings _just_ for the the
transtrem. they are supposedly the only licensed transtrem strings. one of
the balls is machined and grooved for a better fit. i've tried plain double
ended ones with varying shades of success, but if you really want accurate
retuning and locking, these are the way to go. unfortunately, of course,
they're tough to find and not cheap. La Bella does, however, throw in an
extra high e string with every set, making it a little more practical. I've
had good luck having my gtr guy get boxes of complete sets, but we've been
waiting about a month for an order of .009,.011, and .014. 

<<Or an Ibanez Reb Beach model...>>
my guitar guy has one of these in his shop. it looked like to me that after
taking off the pseudo floyd(nasty), there would be a whole lot of anything
left to attach the ttrem to. plus it would be a waste of a good tremelo ;)