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Re: About looping technique...

  Wonderful suggestions!  I often tell my students to "play like a child"
so they don't think about what they think they should do or have to do.



At 09:40 AM 3/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At the risk of stating the obvious, I've found that a few things can help 
>1.     Be relaxed
>2.     Mistakes can be doors into the unexpected, go through some of them
>and see what you find.
>3.     Try having a strategy or purpose to each moment
>4.     Conversely, don't evaluate or think too much, let stuff flow.  You
>can evaluate it all later.
>5.     Get familiar with your gear and what sounds you can evoke.
>6.     Do it regularly.  One month of looping 2-hours a day will do more
>for your looping than anything else.
>7.     When you get familiar with what you're able to do, try looping in
>the context of other musicians.  That's a whole other skill.
>8.     Try recording what you do, you'll see similarities from piece to
>piece.  This could be your style.  Or, you could notice what you're NOT
>doing.  Gives you a choice to change, either way.
>9.     Have some fun with looping at least some of the time.  Keep the
>child in you alive if you can.
>Have fun.