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Re: Phenomenon

  looping looping looping looping looping looping looping...

s so sou soun sound sounds soundsc soundsca soundscap soundscapi
soundscapin soundscaping...



At 12:19 PM 3/24/98, you wrote:
>John and Diane asked:
>>Who would care to take a shot? Compare looping with soundscaping.
>>Differences & similarities.
>Looping is what we all do around here.
>Soundscaping is what Robert Fripp does when he's looping.
>Aside from the name change, I don't percieve any major difference.
>> What's the difference technique, gear, attitude or creativity? 
>Now that, my friend, is dangerous ground around here!  
>>I haven't looped yet but do play space with series of delays and analog
>>effects. I'm of the mind of attitude and style. What do you think?
>If you've played with a series of delays, and had that feedback knob 
>up long enough to play back over, you've looped.  Looping, to me, means
>using a delay to enable you to play more than one sound at once, live.
>It's easy to get precious about things beyond that.  As far as I'm
>concerned Eric Johnson is looping on the first track of Tones, and he's
>just using a 1/2 second delay pedal with a "hold" switch.
>The Reverend said:
>>And does being an "experimental guitarist" mean
>>that you also don't practice your double-stops
>>and hammer-ons? :-)
>Yeah, but we do get to practice hitting the strings with hammers, fruit or
>marital aids.