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looping and improv...

  Laurie, I really liked your last post concerning looping and improv.  I
may not be completely clear on the question you were answering as I was
suffering from really annoying insomnia when I read it, but I loved your
answer...  I feel the same way about doing what's called for at the time in
the context of where the focus of a particular piece of music is going at
the time.  Yawn!,  let's try that again...  I view my equiptment as
instruments like my guitar or my voice I think the gear can be as much an
improvisational tool as my other instruments or my heart or my mind... etc.
 So I guess the "gear" could be as much a focus as the "music" if it needed
to be.  As far as I understand the question about looping vs. improv, I
would have to say that I think looping runs the gambit of expression and
style as much as any other type of music does.  Some types are more
regemented   while others are more free-form.  When I loop, it's like what
ever is comming out as the music and myself can two separate entities.  I
give the music an idea where to go and in turn, it gives me back a bunch of
ideas where to go and on and on.  Even when I establish a basic idea, form
or "soundscape" in my head first, this can still happen.  The only times I
find this happening considerably less, is when an idea hits me and says
"this is the one, this is what you play..."  Even at these times though,
life has the final words, whatever happens, happens... That's the fun of
it!  Oh, I also love the idea of the "one-chick band", way cool!!! it's way
fun and gets ya noticed when ya make all these wierd sounds that noone's
heard before...  One other cool thing is that creative differences are not
allowed!  ha ha  ha Anyway, I hope this whole thing has made sense, as I'm
pretty tired...  Probably not the best time to send e-mails...