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Digitech PDS8000

  I just joined this list a couple days ago and I'm finding it refreshing
  that there are so many interesting ideas floating around here.  I wish I
  could hear some of the results of these discussions.  Anyways, thanks to
  Dave T for the kind comments, too.
  Anyway the PDS8000, tho primitive and 'old school' is one of the most
  amazing units I've ever heard - it can be both organic and warm or cold
  and elektronik.  I've dubbed it the "improv-pedal" (as opposed to the
  "grunge pedal") because every electronic improvisor seems to have one or
  at least had one, including Elliot Sharp, Zeena Parkins, No Neck Blues
  band, Doug Theriault, etc...  My main complaint with it is that if you
  change the delay parameter (2/4/8 secs) or the
  mode(normal/trigger/sample) it takes 8 seconds for it to reset itself and
  basically doesn't work for that amount of time.  That's why I use a
  DFX-94 as second unit, since it can switch from mode to mode
  instantaneously (tho it,too has problems, such as when you try to loop a
  sample, it sometimes goes into input/record mode, erasing the sample).
  Nonetheless, the above setup has enabled me to get just about every
  perverted sound my mind can come up with.  Also it looks cool to be
  twisting knobs and slapping pedals like an animal (or so I've heard).
  A final note - I thought this could only have come from a fantasy dream
  sequence, but no it was true.  I was in Baltimore and met John Berndt,
  electro-acoustic uber-composer, and when he saw my PDS8000, he took out
  this box and showed me HIS PDS8000, which looked like an evil twin.  It
  had several additional buttons and toggle switches that he had installed
  himself and it was like a HOTROD from HELL.  I've never heard anything
  like it.  He tried explaining to me what they all did, but my feeble mind
  couldn't take it all in.  Truly amazing.  That guy is nuts.

  ed chang