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Re: Digitech PDS-???? pedals for looping

I'm new to the list, but I'm a huge fan of the Digitech stuff, so hello all

The long Digitech delays (PDS8000 pedal, and the Time Machine RDS8000 and
7.6) are great for looping, so long as you're not worried about rhythmic
accuracy.  If you're interested in ambience, they're perfect, and you can 
something neither the Echoplex nor the JamMan allow you to do -- reach over
(or down, as the case may be) twist a knob, and tweak the delay time from 2
seconds down to eight, or vice versa, turning sprightly melodies into muddy
sludge or producing those Bill Frisell-oid high-pitched shrieks w/o having 
shell out a grand for an EH 16-second delay (PDS and RDS units are 
available in the $150-$200 range)

Actually, in my current looping rig, I have an RDS8000 feeding an Oberheim
Echoplex -- best of both worlds, IMHO.

Has anyone played with one of the new Korg 10-second delays, by the way?