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Vortex flaw?


I just got my Vortex today, everything is O.K. with it except the
looping.  It seems that when I switch the feedback from 63 to 64
for infinite repeat, the loops don't always hold.

A friend of mine with an LXP-5 says he has the same problem.
Is this a bug?

Otherwise, the unit is amazing.

Also, I think I'll be building that knobby box now...  I don't
like volume pedals and I know I'm not hearing the full picture
by just triggering the morph from the front panel.

Bleen, Bleeeeeeeeeen,

D 4 V 1 D    K R 1 5 T 1 4 N
                                              "The most remarkable aspect
of today's artistic 
                                                environment is the
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                                                centuries at the same
          ---   Joel Chadabe (1971)