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Re: Echoplexs have been found, thanks

At 4:45 PM +0000 9/10/97, Phil Diem wrote:
>Kim Flint replied:
>>One idea is to simply call Oberheim and ask where you can find a dealer
>>with stock. 510-635-9633. They haven't been producing them fast enough to
>>meet demand, so there seems to be varying amounts of backorders at any
>>given dealer. They might be able to help you find a dealer who will be
>>getting them sooner than later, or already has them. The other reason 
>>is a good idea is it keeps Gibson motivated to keep making them.
>Thanks for the suggestion Kim. Problem is I've already tried this
>approach, which ultimately resulted in my meeting with the District Sales
>Manager, Jerry Lambert a couple of weeks back.
>He says that they're way behind in production and wasn't very hopeful or
>helpfull in regards to instant gratification.

Well, perhaps we need to reverse the motivation for calling Gibson. The
main priority ought to be showing them that there is demand for the
echoplex and encouraging them to keep making echoplexes and similar
products. (i.e. not pulling a lexicon, to coin a phrase...;-)   The
secondary motivation would then be to find one for your self.

The more the gibson sales people are hearing from customers about it, the
more they will pressure the production people to get their act together. It
doesn't take a lot really, because the vast majority of customers never
contact manufacturers. The few who do help them define what the market is
looking for. I think the main reason gibson is producing echoplexes at all
these days is because of the interest shown by people on this list. And
they have recently been putting some effort into increasing the production,
so it does work.

Getting through to a DSM is certainly a good start. A guy like that is
thinking Les Pauls most of the time. Getting him to think about looping
products for the other part can make a big difference. So I guess you're
off to a good start there, keep it up!


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