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RE: Torn suggestions

Torn's albums are all quite different, and no two sound very similar. 
_What Means Solid, Traveller_ is probably the most... well, _most_ overall
in terms of the depth and breadth of the music therein.  _Cloud About
Mercury_ is probably the album he's most widely associated with, and is a
close runner-up in my book.  _Door X_ generally gets a bad reputation due
(mainly) to its song-oriented slant and glossy production, but I actually
quite like the record, and it has some of Torn's finest recorded guitar
playing on it (IMO). 

For looping content, I'd say _Traveller_ and its immediate predecessor, 
_Tripping Over God_, are the best places to look.  Looping seems to play 
a more fundamental role in the compositional aspects of the pieces on 
these records than in past endeavors.