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Re: music; and Looping near London (back around again)

     A brief announcement of my appearance at The Clock Tower Balcony Bar 
     Croydon, UK 19-ix-97. 7-8pm support slot, playing prior to the main 
     performance by Robin Williamson (ex ISB) in the Braithwaite Hall.
     Why Loop? I think its the immediacy of the results. Not waiting ages 
     til the next group practice to find the `masterpiece' isn't that 
     all (not usually a surprise that, of course...). The whole `painting 
     with sound' thing. As someone else noted, the fact that overall you 
     never repeat yourself (even though each loop IS doing just that, I 
     suppose) - though I may try to use the same components/compositional 
     fragments/what have you, every loop is unlike the others.
     Who to hear? David Toop has a new album out, so new I forget the 
     title, but which is ambient in an almost physical soundscape way as 
     described in the Oceans of Sound book (blimey, that makes no sense at 
     all). I cant/wont explain/describe it - but do try to get a listen of 
     Photek I just bought today, and have high hopes for from the previous 
     works of his I've heard. Roni Size and `New Forms' (I think) also has 
     some moments (well on 2 CD's lasting a hour each, it should). I think 
     Ben Neill has been mentioned before. This is one of my favourites 
     this area from the last little while. I think its because the trumpet 
     adds a `human' element, and I think its the inclusion of `real time' 
     instruments in the Toop album(s) (or at least the semblance of them) 
     which appeals above the primarily sample-based D'n'B guys (though 
     is an somewhat fine distinction, I know)
     NB: 2 new .WAV loops added this week