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Newbie alert!

Hello all,

This is my first post to the Loopers Delight mailing list.  I've been
using a beefed up (32 sec) JamMan to do loop based music live for about
3 years.  I currently play guitar/midi guitar in an ambient band called
Sleeping and an experimental dance/techno project called Zero Crossing. 
(yes I bow to the Gods Fripp and Eno) Both are based in the
Syracuse/Ithaca NY area.

So here's my question:  We're about to add a new member to Zero
Crossing.  He will be manning a sampler and has recently purchased a
JamMan.  I've been synching my JamMan, via MIDI, to the MIDI clock of an
Ensonic TS-10 keyboard.  So far no complaints, except the inability to
synch to multiples of 5 and 7.  Yeah, I know, get an Echoplex.  I intend
to take the MIDI out of the TS-10 and go through his JamMan into the
keyboard's new Yamaha board (not sure which model) and then finally into
my JamMan.  Are we going to run into any synching problems?  If so are
there work arounds?

My other question is what all this about jammidimystery?  I've been
running my JamMan in stereo since the beginning without a problem (I
think?) Am I misunderstanding the problem?  Be patient with me, I'm a

Also, I'm contemplating trading up to the Echoplex.  Any suggestions on
what I might ask for my 32 sec JamMan?  Anyone interested?  Any used
Echoplexes out there?  What should I expect to pay for the Echoplex? 
I've seen the $560 price at the Loopers Delight webpage.  Is this

And for Kim, I haven't yet seen the name Bill Laswell here @ Loopers
Delight.  Much of his music involves looping and is quite beautiful. 
Look for stuff on his Axiom/Subharmonic label.

-- --