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I personally use Opcode's StudioVision Pro for my multitrack audio/midi
recording and sample sequencing.  It has a lot of brilliant effects and
a non real-time pitch to midi and midi back to pitch feature that is
quite amazing. (you can turn an audio track to midi, edit it and then
apply the changes to the original track-fun!)  It also has a non pitch
effecting time contract/dilation feature that is great for synching
samples.  It will run on any A/V or Power Mac.  I can get 10 audio
tracks and 16 midi tracks at the same time on my 7600/120. 
Unfortunately, it is about $800.  For cheaper solutions, you may try
Macromedia's Deck II w/ Soundedit 16.  They are designed to synch with a
midi sequencing program called Metro by JS Technologies.  (the author is
a personal friend) when I last talked to him he was working on a
audio/midi version of Metro, but I don't know if it's ready yet.  It's
very easy to use and cheap.

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