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Re: music ---> Mac programs

Matthew Finley McCabe
Sales/Marketing Support

SunGard Bi-Tech Systems Inc.
890 Fortress Street
Chico, CA  95973
> From: GILGOOD@aol.com

> Can anyone reccomend a good sampler/sequencer for the Macintosh? Prehaps
> forward it?
>       Right now I'm using BackToBasics in union with SoundEffects, and 
> for something with a bit more precision.
>       Anyone use a Mac at all?

I'm using Emagic's Logic Audio on the Mac.  I love the program although
I've only scratched the surface of what it can do.  It has the ability to
map the tempo of a song to an audio file and "quantize" an audio file to a
MIDI sequence.  The newer version has real-time DSP capabilities.

Initially I was a little scared of non-linear recording but I'm now a BIG
fan.  In fact, I borrowed a friend's ADAT about 7 months ago to do a
project and I actually prefer recording right into the computer.


P.S.  2+ years ago a big factor in convincing me to buy Logic Audio was the
linear notes in Torn's "Tripping Over God" CD.  I figured if DT was using
it, it had to be pretty cool.