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Re: the rest of the story about OBERHEIM

I've been a Looper lurker for about a month, doing my homework before
purchasing . I'm leaning toward the Echoplex vs. Boomerang because of the
increased sampling time/sound quality and flexibility (I play jazz flavored
acoustic guitar/vocal solo - slightly twisted covers of 40's-90's and
neo-natal sequencing with MIDI/AXON - anyone similar, please write).  While
waiting, I'm trying to see if I can set up some looping functions on my PC
via Cubase Lite or Power Traks by PG Music until I get one of the above
units (it sounds like it will be several months before an Echoplex is
available).  Anyone with suggestions for these or other software looping
programs will be appreciated.  Also, I read somewhere that KORG is bringing
a unit out in January.  Anyone else heard of this?  

        Thanks for all the information so far Kim and everyone else!