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Re: seasons & music

David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>With the change in seasons, it occurs I wonder if anyone noticed in
>their music a kind of "seasonal-effect?"

Here in Norway, up above the arctic circle, the contrast between the
seasons is quite big. As the days get colder and darker, I in general feel
a need to disconnect from the world.
Being alone in this dark and moody environment usually leads to alot of
thinking, which certainly affects the music being made. Not only do I under
these conditions feel more alienated, I also feel more creative. 
My music seems to move slowly over time in a less dynamic manner in the
fall and winter, making it sound more "ambient", I guess. For this reason I
activily try to expose myself to these conditions. I probably should grow a
really long beard and move to a cave up in the mountains or to an iglo
somewhere around the North Pole, but then I couldn't be on this list...