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Re: Sick Vortex Morphing Patch

Mark Kata posted this earlier:

>Since Andy Butler's Vortex website is out of commission, I thought I'd
>pass along this sick Vortex morphing patch to all loopers.  It doesn't
>loop, but when fed into a looper you get something really

>Kim:  Maybe a looper who knows HTML could set up a form on the L-D Vortex
>page so that other loopers could contribute their patches.

I'll offer my assistance here, I actually had started a Vortex patch page
for LD, but put it on hold when Andy Butler started his page. I guess
people could submit their patches directly to me or post them to the list
and I'll periodically collect them and send them to kim for the web. Would
you like to see each patch put on its' own page linked from a main Vortex
patch page or have all patches put on the same page? I think it makes more
sense to put each patch on its' own page, as I can just send new pages to
kim as needed. Anyway let me know if I can help!