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Re: Ultra lo tech looping

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Matt McCabe wrote:

> > Dave Stagner wrote:
> > > Mick Karn, who often plays bass with David Torn, uses a very similar
> > > technique on fretless bass.  Wonderful lines.  It starts with just a
> > > couple of notes, and eventually grows into a blur of slides, pops, 
> > > snorts.
> Karn loops?  Where?  What albums?  I own his last two solo albums and
> haven't heard any bass looping....should I be listening more carefully?

AFAIK, he doesn't "loop" in the digital delay sense.  What I meant was
that his lines tend to start simple, and grow increasingly complex through
added ornamentation and detail, which is repeated.  So in that sense, Karn
"loops" on bass, without additional electronics.  I use a similar
technique on acoustic guitar, and consider it looping.
> Of course I deleted your original post so maybe it wasn't in reference to
> looping at all.  Alas.

Depends on what you mean by "looping".  :}


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