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RE: guitar amp+speakers vs. PA

I like running a fender guitar amp into 15 inch bass speakers.  They
seem to handle most of the frequencies without that "horn-burn" I hear
from some keyboard amps.


        >As I can't afford both, I'd really appreciate it if someone
could help me
        >compose a rig for looping guitars that:
        >A) Sound good for playing electric guitar in a straightforward
manner, and
        >B) is able to amplify my HEAVILY treated, synth-like guitar
        >Everything has to be in stereo, by the way.
        >I currently use a Rocktron Voodo Valve tube driven pre-amp
(with a speaker
        >simulator & digital effects that I usually bypass) and a
Roctron Velocity
        >power amp. I've tried this setup with different speakers made
for guitars,
        >and the problem is that it wont really convert the frequencies
not in the
        >guitar domain into sound. Are there any ok sounding speakers
made for
        >guitars on the market that will do this? Or do I have to run my
        >w/speaker simulator into a mixer in order to obtain B). What
        >should I consider in the latter case?
        >What I'm looking for, I guess, is a solution that gives the
best compromise
        >between  A) and B). I'd really, really appreciate any feedback
and advice
        >you could give on this. If you think this is a bit off topic,
please feel
        >free to e-mail me privatly. Thanks
        >Also, someone mentioned that using e-bowed guitars with a
vocoder might be
        >a good idea. I have tried this, replacing the synth with guitar
        >and it works ok if the signal is really thick and wide. Try
placing the
        >vocoder after a loop with lots of (processed) layers. It gives
the vocoder
        >a better signal to work with. Again, thanks.
        >Erik Ljones (Norway)