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Re: Demise of MIDI?

> I saw an article about ZIPI in Computer Music Journal a couple of years =
> ago.  It was developed by Zeta Systems.  I don't remember anything about 
> it either, but I remember being impressed by its capabilities.
> Hey you customer reps at Oberheim, Boomerang and Lexicon:  Do you know =
> anything about the demise of MIDI or the introduction of ZIPI?
> Mark Kata
> Mark@asisoftware.com

Our very own Kim Flint entered the ZIPI project in its final days.
I recall both Oberheim and Zeta being involved in supporting the 
project, which took place at UC Berkeley's CNMAT.

However, I get the impression Kim is kind of busy right now, so we'll
just have to wait until he has some free time to share his experiences.
I do recall that the ZIPI project eventually died.  Perhaps the 
emergence of physical modeling technology in effects processors/preamps
(various Roland preamps, Roland VG8,  Yamaha's new preamp, Johnson
Millenium amp) and synths, lower-cost digital audio recording hardware and 
software, and looping devices have diminished the demand for a MIDI
replacement.  But this is pure speculation on my part. :)

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