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Korg DL-8000 / FireWire / IEEE1394 and music

Have any of you folks had a chance to play with the Korg DL-8000 looper 
yet? I read
that the price in the UK is going to be UKP500 ($800) or so - not bad for 
an imported
high-tech device over here!

I'm still waiting for Yamaha to release some details about what they'll be 
with FireWire. They have a plan called "mLan", which sounds like the kind 
of thing
you're talking about - multiple channels of audio, perhaps in a live 
setting? (This
may still come back round to looping after all...)

http://www.analog.com/publications/press/misc/press_061296A.html and 

for more info I found on the net...


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