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ring mod signals & Re: marimba, kalimba, steel drum sounds

Matt wrote:
>Try putting tiny alligator clips on your strings at various positions.  
>can get some weird ringy/gongish/percussive sounds depending on where you
>place the clips.  I purchased a pack of 12 clips at Radio Shack for less
>than 4 bucks.  They come in different sizes but I went with the smallest.

Since english is not my native language, would someone be kind and explain
to me what an alligator clip is? Is Radio Shack some kind of an electronics
dealer...I was wondering where in Norway I should go to look for something
like this. 

Also, I finally got ahold of a decent ring modulator w/ a multiplier chip
in it. It has two inputs (no internal oscillator on this unit), so I was
wondering if any of you guitarists out there have any ideas for signals to
modulate my guitars with...I'm into the concept of creating new and
interesting sounds with a guitar, so anything unusual is especially of
As for the not so drastic use of a ring mod, I probably should get an
oscillator that can generate all the simple waveforms. Where & how can I
get something like this without having to spend all my money? Any advice
and/or suggestions on this would be deeply appreciated. Thanks

Erik Ljones