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Re: Re: It could be a new looping device.

<<I think most people who want to do nutty midi tricks like this just use
Opcode's Max. ...
advantage of max is you program it, so it's uniquely your thing and you
don't have to be confined to someone else's ideas, or their need to make a
I've been gazing at Max with interest for years, and am even on the Max
list...but trying to make sense of the hi-level gibberish of all those
MAX-heads has been pretty fatal to my interest, not being a programmer...
I know, all you programmer types think that anyone can get going with just 
little effort, but I've already wasted WAY too much time trying to get
anything but garbage and tech support frequent flyer miles out of WAY too
many expensive software packages that just weren't plug-and-play enough for
my math-free liberal arts background. 
And staring at a computer screen just isn't my idea of making music, much 
I love the possibilities, and have been seduced by them (I even dig 
go figure!). I've got two Macs, a slew of arcane and expensive MIDI 
and Digidesign stuff, and am finally realizing that I'm just a hardware,
dedicated-box, real-time, stomp-on-it kinda guy.....
Thanks for the tip, tho!