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Re: Questions and techniques

hello, i use to "save" some material to loop on a MiniDisc. I think
MiniDisc are good because they're fast acces and you can edit the different
tracks, and are less expensive than samplers (obviously with a sampler you
can make a millions more things, but that it's another history...).
I also use MiniDisc to have fast access to material that i recorded from
CDs, with the repeat function on MiniDisc you can make a sort of
not-enough-precise-but-not-too-bad loop. I use this to sample (with
Jamman), hearing a sort of loop from MiniDisc facilitate me the task to
sample short sounds or phrases.

have a nice loop.

ciao, nicos

>I+m writing with two questions for the list, one is somewhat specific
>and one is a bit more general.  Lastly, I was asked to share some of my
>other techniques to hopefully inspire fellow loopers.  I+m about to lose
>my access to email for a while so I want to get this out while I+m still
>hooked up.
>First for the general question:
>1) How many loopers save their loops and how?  This would have been a
>good question for the survey a number of weeks back, but I just thought
>of it now.   I use a plain ol+ cassette deck, but I wonder how many of
>you use DAT+s, a sampler, or some other digital storage device like a
>zip drive (if that+s even possible.)  I'm thinking about getting a DAT
>but wondering if I should shell out $700-800 without considering