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Re: Jamman vs Echoplex: who wins?

There is no best, only what is best for you. I work for Gibson, my main
guitar is a Tele. It has the sounds I need for  most of the styles I am
asked to play. When I need a Gibson sound, I use my ES-350T or Nighthawk. 

The Echoplex may be just what you need, less than you need, or more than
you need. 

At present, we do not have CE approval for the Echoplex, so we cannot
legally offer it in Europe. We are working on this, and when we do get CE
approval, the distributor for all of Europe is Viscount in Rimini (or
thereabouts), Italy. 



At 11:43 AM 11/4/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello all !
>Just a few questions:
>all the messages about the echoplex are keeping my attention to this unit,
>i've dwnloaded the user's guide from the Oberheim site at
>http://www.Gibson.com , and i discovered a lot of cool things i can't do
>with my Jamman, so here's the questions:
>Which is the best ?
>The Echoplex is available in Europe?
>I'm waiting for any comments...
>ciao nicos