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live looping and drum loops SHOWS

Hi all

As a musical journalist this week I saw 2 great concerts featuring large 
of loops and looping.

The first one was Jungle Funk, featuring Vinx, great vocalist and
percussionist, Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish, drums and bass from Living
I can only say that this trio had 4 (four) jamman on stage. One for the
voice, and the background vocals Vinx layered were incredible, one for
acustic percussions (Vinx too), one for Wave Drum, played in some songs by
Calhoun, and one for bass. Not ambient stuff, all was functional to the
songs. Overlapping harmonies, rhythms, solos, etc.

The second one was (I just finished to write the review) Bjork live show.
This was really impressing. She's touring Europe with an 8 strings section,
the Islandic String Octet I Think, and sampler-sequencer man Mark Bell.
The shows is amazing and the loops Bell uses are mind opening. Lot of
pitched down drums, ethnic instruments, processed percussions and a lot 
And Bjork is still great in her singing and writing.


PS. Jungle Funk CD is self producted (it's good material but not really 
recorded...). The reference url on the booklet are www.vinx.com and

PPS. Some of you DJs out there know some mailing lists about sampling, time
stretching and the latest musical styles??? Not music fan list, I'm
interested from a technical point of view. Thanks