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Re: looping drums,samplers etc.

At 12:55 PM +0100 11/8/97, Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
>At 10.34 07/11/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>If you just want to mess around with this a bit, there are a lot of
>>websites where you can download breakbeats. You could then put these in a
>>sampler or an audio sequencer program and loop them. If you got into it
>>more, you'd probably want to go for a more DIY approach. I've heard a lot
>>of good things about Recycle, which someone else mentioned. I guess you
>>could also run those breakbeats (or samples you find) through Recycle and
>>chop them up into pieces for your own use.
>Hey kim,
>do you know any specific address??

some stuff I saved in my bookmark file:

http://www.breaks.com/       the breaks website, the have a mailing list 
http://remote.ticfin.com/    113
http://www.loknet.demon.co.uk/leech/breakbeats.html  subverts breakbeat 
http://jungle.syspace.co.uk/jungle/home.html   Drum n' Bass arena

there's probably a lot more than that out there.

>And what's DIY?

DIY = Do It Yourself


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