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Re: GEAR Question: Roland GR-700


I'd say depends on price. I have the 300 and the 700 with Strat and Les
Paul controller copies. I like to tweak around on them both. The 700 has
the midi out which I run into a synth for pad/wash type things. It doesn't
seem to track all that great and does miss out on pitch bends. Ck out
Pablo's Digest for more info. BTW, I love the Strat controller, the Paul
weighs about 200 lbs, but has more knobs than I've ever seen on a guitar.
Also, to effectively modify the 700, I think you need a programmer like the
PGM 200, a separate module.

Randy Jones 

At 10:39 PM 11/13/97 -0500, Markus Reuter wrote:
>-- [ From: Markus Reuter * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
>hi fellow loopers!
>i just spotted a Roland GR-700 guitar synth (including the
>guitar) in a turkish second hand store over here in germany.
>is it worth getting it?
>what's a reasonable price for a used GR-700 nowadays?
>thanks for your help!
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