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Re: Echoplex

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 hovard@online.no wrote:

> How much is the "regular" street-price for the Oberheim echoplex??? I 
>live in 
> Norway , so I`m having trouble locating one. Therefore I am forced to 
>turn to
> the Net and other countries to find one. 

US Street price is usually somewhere between $500 and $700.  The list 
price last I checked was about $799.

> So my second Q would be:  Where
> can I find one???  

There's a Bay Area dealer called Banana's at Large which seems to be a 
consistent and reliable outlet for them.  Don't know if they do overseas 
shipping.  Other than that I'm not too sure; they should be easier to 
track down once new units start shipping in the US, which should be very