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Re: Sync

Hey Olivier...

[Note: this isn't really on-topic for looping, but since some of you are
concerned with syncing issues...]

>I sync my old SH-101 (roland mono synth) with an old TR606, this way:
>Thru my sequencer, I send codes to the TR that make it play bass drum
>and snare at the same (better with all the sounds), with volume cranked
>up. Then the "sound" in sent via jeck to the external clock input of the
>SH-101. Of course it is not enough to rech the 5V (on the roland, I
>think the clock is 12V, but I'm not sure), bu it is enough to make it
>play synched to the sequencer, which is enough to do the job. Since we
>can get sync with midi, then de facto an old analog thingie can be
>synched with a looper...

If that works, then all power to you...

BUT! The 606 has a couple of trigger outs, which mirror the patterns
for the hi- and lo- toms. Surely it'd be easier to sync the 101 with one of
those triggers?

And that'd still leave you with the 606's audio out, letting you use its
sweet hi-hats for your tracks.


Anthony Bowyer-Lowe <= The Essence Of Anthony.