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Re[2]: Top ten list

     Compositional style...
     I've enjoyed the various descriptions of techniques for building a 
     looped composition. I also use many of those approaches.
     There are times though when I've made a blunder, and disregarded my 
     instincts to kill it and continue on anyway to slowly develop 
     something new and find unity and beauty in the final outcome. I'm 
     often led into musical developments I wouldn't normally find myself 
     In a live situation, It's often quite funny to see the looks on 
     other's faces as they watch this process unfold. It's really worth 
     the ensuing slander for those priceless reactions.
     As for my top ten list...
     1.  Miles Davis, Decoy
     2.  Martin Carthy, Collection
     3.  Sonic Youth, Dirty
     4.  Pavement, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
     5.  David Sylvian, The First Day (???) w/Fripp
     6.  Nick Drake, Pink Moon
     7.  Tom Waits, Bone Machine
     8.  Byrne-Eno, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
     9.  Bill Frissell, Where in the World?
     10. The sound in my head... (I'm looking for the output jack!)