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Re:Lo-Fi StutterinG

This is a somewhat late response to the Stuttering discussion,
but I thought I might share this technique I recently discovered for 
*stuttering* live percussion samples with the Jamman:

1) In Sample mode, record a relatively short sample containing a distinct 
beat at the beginning
2) Increasing the trigger sensitivity with the Select knob to a large value
I use a value between 9 and 13 for triggering from a microphone)
3) With sufficiently large input signals (i.e. *triggers*) the first part
of the 
sample *stutters*.
4) Increased Fun: Feed back a part of the sample signal acoustically 
(e.g. stage monitor/ microphone) and play around with the sensitivity 
setting to get some extremely bizarre, almost random *stutter* effects!

WARNING: this will drive any other musicians nuts who are trying to 
play in time with your sample!