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Logic Audio Users

Hi all, I am considering purchasing Logic Audio
recording/sequencing system(software and card) for windows 95
I would be very interested to hear any feed back, good or bad from users.
I currently am running a 4 track tape machine synched to an old Mac SE, 
that is running Performer and slaving a few samplers. drum machine, etc.
As I am mainly an anolgue type guy (guitars and old pedals), one of my
concerns is being able to process some of the tracks through some older
funky outboard effects at mixdown.  
Someone suggested Logic Audio as it has 8 outs which should make
thispossible for me.

Is this system worth considering or would I be better off (less grief) for
instance just running an Adat and a mixer for my home studio writing? 

Or for that matter, are there any other system set ups similiar to this
that you might recommend me checking out.

Any and all thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated.