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Re[2]: I'm Volunteering!!!!!!

     Go for it Matt!  I think its a great idea.  It would really shed some 
     light on the different styles of this list and the different ways 
     people are utilizing their equipment/imaginations.  What kind of 
     format would we need our loops to be on in order for this 
     Any ideas?  
> From: Kim Flint <kflint@annihilist.com>
> >And how about our own sample CD or label? 
> There was the cd project from long ago, but the guy organizing it
> disappeared. Anybody want to take a project like that? Or maybe we even 
> up RealAudio sites? Anything is possible.
I hereby volunteer to organize the CD project.  Uhh....should we take a 
I freelance at a local studio and therefore have FREE (I didn't say that) 
access to various pieces of recording gear that will come in handy for 
compiling submissions (ProTools, ADAT, DAT, etc).  Heck, I can even 
credit card orders should we wish to release the CD to the world and make 
MILLIONS....errrr....spread the good word (you know, Looping).
I'll wait for the official stamp of approval before proceeding.