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Looping with a band.

Hi , I was just wondering how people go about looping in a band setting ,
with drummers , chordchanges , dynamic flow in the ensemble and so 
Maybe we can start a discussion where people share their experiences and
talk about their bands. 
Like , is there any loopers who play in a pop-band??Say , An Alanis
Morrisette- type of thing? How would you go approach your looping
instrument in that context?
 Or a funk band? say , as part of a rythmn section in the "JB" style? How
would that player  approa.........and so forth.....

This could be a way for us to confront problems like Timing , Tonality and
Dynamics when working with a set song-structure. (How does one loop in the
context of a TOP 40 band?? Is it possible to loop in a top 40 band? Why
bother thinking about looping in a top 40 band?? Why am I such a boring

As you may have gathered from my writing , I am not an experienced 

hope you`ll give this some tought anyway....and , if possible , discuss it
without too much gearhead - mentality .:)

Thanks , Thomas W