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RE: Looper CD update / Offer for rare CDs

At 2:18 AM -0500 11/28/97, Michael Peters wrote:

>Maybe we could set up some kind of small central marketplace for our own
>music (the official Looper's Delight CD, as well as our private efforts) 
>the looper's delight website? Complete with descriptions, cover image, a
>realaudio sample, bank account number, and email address? Would that make
>sense, and is there enough disk space for that Kim?

yeah sure, go ahead. We can always buy more disk space. Right now there is
about 10MB available, which should be plenty for this.

I was thinking actually, if any of these official Looper's Delight cd's
make any money it might be nice to skim a little of the proceeds to help
pay for Looper's Delight's existence. Now I know this may come as a shock,
but LD actually doesn't exist for free. It would be great if it could
gradually become self-sufficient. My wallet would definitely be
appreciative! I was also thinking it would be cool to get our own domain
name, now that things are getting bigger. Stuff like that costs more money
of course, so I've put it off. But if we could figure out ways for the
whole thing to bring in a little trickle of income, it would work. The cd
thing would be a nice way.


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