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Re: Vortex w/ headphones

>Now I've got to figure out a way to go stereo on gigs. It appears that
>most small clubs do not run stereo PAs, or don't use the stereo capability
>of the ones they have. I suppose the only solution is to get a power amp
>and a couple of cabinets of my own. How many of y'all do stereo live? and

I play in stereo live, and use a stereo power amp (either a Mesa 20/20 or 
a 50/50) and two 1x12 EV-loaded Thiele ported cabinets.  I space the 
cabinets apart to emphasize the stereo image.  On my solo looping gigs, I 
put the speakers as far apart as possible, usually 20 feet or so, 
depending on the room.  On those gigs, I don't use a PA, so they audience 
does get the stereo effect (I monitor through headphones).  For my 
band-oriented guitar playing, I also go in stereo, but the stereo is just 
for me.  Most PA's on the club level are in mono, and soundmen don't want 
to be bothered with mic'ing two cabinets.

Travis Hartnett