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RE: Glitterbug

As I remember Eno thought the Glitterbug soundtrack "did not work"
outside the context of the film.  And choose not to release it in that
form.  So he ask Wobble to remix it and add some parts.  Some
parts are unchanged from the film, others are remixed, some have added
material.  Spinner is more Wobble's vision of the work than Eno's. 

I have only spinner and not the glitterbug soundtrack.  

It's OK not ENO's best or most representative work. 
Actually Nerve Net is the last Eno work that I've listened
to much.  (other than his work with Bowie and James)


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> >Tom Lambrecht asked,
> Eno/Jah Wobble "Spinner" (Gyroscope 1995)--
> another mystery (soundtrack for
> "Glitterbug"--anybody enlighten me on this?)
> no mystery. Glitterbug is a video by Eno's friend and filmmaker Derek
> Jarman who died last year. It is basically a compilation of Jarman's
> early
> and private super-8 films. Eno wrote the music for the video. If you
> want
> to hear Eno pure, buy the video:
> Glitterbug - The Director's Cut, published by 'Dangerous To Know'
> 1994, DTK
> 011 (probably available only in the UK)
> Spinner is Jah Wobble's remix of Eno's soundtrack. I seem to remember
> that
> Eno's 1995 diary (which was published as a book) contains Eno's
> comments on
> that work. 
> I like the soundtrack better than Spinner, but that is a matter of
> taste of
> course.
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