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Re: Ground Zero - Consume Red

....>I guess some might consider this CD an exercise in patience, but I 
>it to have almost a meditative quality (then again, I can sit through
>Steve Reich pieces too with no problem).

see, i never got the "repititious" tag stuck on Reich, i think his stuff is
really dynamic, with  tons of harmonic changes, especially as you go thru
the years - Glass, however, who i also like alot, can be really repit. -
which is the point, i guess, meditative/trancey.

Saw Scott Johnson last nite, anyone familiar?? he was at the knitting
factory, he hasn't really played in 10 years, he's a great
guitarist/composer - he had a cellist, violin and piano/synth player, he 
on guitar , lus some DAT vocal samples and drum machine sequences were
going... excellent show. he did that "john somebody" piece from thye mid