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Re: Looping with sequencers..

At 8:40 AM -0500 1/16/98, Andre Cholmodeley wrote:
>does anyone use a sequencer for looping???? I do, and i'm wondering where
>the line is, i mean, most of our delays are digital, too...hmmmm.
>I just hit record (like kicking on one of my delays) on a roland msq100 or
>700, play a live, usually spontaneous idea till i want..(end of loop) -
>then i hit stop and play, then let the material loop once or
>is it looping??? i'd like to hear some thoughts on that, some
>opinions...maybe i've missed it, but haven't heard of anyone using this
>tool, sequencers have a bad name due to madonna and certain rush songs on
>stage, etc

I think that's looping, but then I'm well known for not being much of a
purist on the subject. I don't think it really matters how the sound
happens to be generated. What difference does it make if it starts out as a
midi event, or audio recorded in digital memory, or a tape loop, or some
big mechanical apparatus, or a turntable, or just your fingers? The
ultimate conceptual loopiness of the end product is the key thing, the
other stuff is just the tools to get there.

The kind of sequencer that records by looping over a pattern, recording
everything played into it while playing what's already there, that sounds
like looping to me! Usually the features aren't very well optimized for the
performance, but it seems like it could work ok.

Another example, I downloaded the Rebirth demo a while back, which is
basically a simulation of 2 TB-303's and a TR-808, with some filtering,
distortion, and delay effects. It has the same basic, stupid kind of
sequencing that those boxes had in their day. And it's great for real-time
looping stuff. (assuming you like the very well-worn sounds that it makes.)
You just start it up and begin adding things to the sequence, taking them
out again, playing with the filters, changing levels, etc. Pretty fun.


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