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Re: JamMan For Sale!!!!

In a message dated 1/17/98 4:37:41 AM, you wrote:

<<Well....I debated whether or not to post this here, as I don't want to 
this list with commercial crap.....but I figured you folks would want to 
about this....if this offends....I apologize...and understand
Well....it's time for me to move on...I like my Jamman and everything, but 
saving for an echoplex......so.....THIS is the one you've been looking 
      Full 32 second memory loaded Jamman with pedal, adaptor and manual, 
perfect condition ( may have a TINY scratch when I take it out of
rack)....hardly used.....>>

DAMN!!! (or "Gosh Darn" for the PG crowd).  Just picked up another one a
couple weeks ago- mint condition/good price but no 32 sec upgrade.  I'll
spread the word but I would guess that by the time you read this you would
have already had it sold-hot item.  BTW- How's it going? - Paul